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About Us


It began with a man and a dream…

Okay, not really.  It began with a guy going broke drinking energy supplements.  Most energy manufacturers agree that one can safely consume two servings per day; some approve of even more.  At a rate of two per day, whether it be shots or 16 oz cans, you are looking at $60-$200 per month, depending on the product. 

“This is outrageous!”, the man narrated to himself.  “There has to be another way.”  He scoured the internet, only to find that having liquid supplements shipped to your door costs about the same as buying them at the store.  And the powdered energy supplements available do not have a full energy blend.  They tend to cut out, or significantly reduce, the caffeine content.  Then they add in herbal supplements like guarana and call it health food.

A direct replacement for energy shots and canned energy drinks simply did not exist in powdered form.  The product the man dreamed of was just that: a dream.  He hung his head in sorrow and wept.  He resolved that day to develop this ideal, powdered energy product, and bring it to market, that there might again be joy in the land.

Pro Tip:  Nobody reads the about page.  But you did.  You are the only one.  Congratulations!


Our mission is to provide regular consumers of energy products with an affordable, portable, and delicious alternative to the grossly over-priced energy products that currently saturate the market.

Our Products

It started with the base energy powder.  It became clear, however, that the testing and tinkering involved in using the unflavored powder was not for the faint of heart.

People just want something they can mix up and not worry about.  It was then that we moved on to develop the line of flavored products to serve as a direct replacement for existing energy products.