Powdered Energy Mixing Tips - Mettle Energy

Mixing Tips

Energy Drink Mixing Tips

Our powdered energy drink mixes are designed to taste great right out of the package, but there are some refinements to be made! 

Chill: Like many beverages, serving Mettle Energy as chilled as possible will result in a
better flavor. It's certainly not required, but recommended if you are trying to optimize
your experience. On the rocks is good ;)

Use more or less water: If one serving in 16oz of water is too strong (taste-wise) you can
use more water to dilute the flavor. Or if you want to drink a full serving first thing in the
morning, but don't want to drink all 16 oz, you may just mix it with less water (stronger

Use less powder: If a full serving gives you the jitters or you just don't need the full 200mg
of caffeine, you can always just make a partial serving. Remember: caffiene is a stimulant
and should be taken at a dosage appropriate for the individual. That is one of the benefits
of Mettle Energy; it's super flexible, so only mix up what you need!

Carbonate: You can mix club soda or seltzer in as part of the water. Don't use tonic water,
because tonic contains a lot of sugar and will afffect the flavor. Use store bought seltzer, or
you may carbonate the beverage directly using available carbonating devices. Many people
like it flat, but carbonation is still worth a try sometime.

Energy Shot Powder Mixing

The shot powder is designed to be mixed with 2 oz of water to fit in a standard shot bottle.  If you desire a more smooth flavor, it goes down even better in up to 4 oz of water (1/4 cup).