Mixing Tips

Drink and Shot Mixes

Our powdered energy drink mixes are designed to taste great right out of the package.  

  • Just mix each serving indicated on the package with 16 oz of water and mix well for the regular drink.
  • For a carbonated beverage, mix a serving in with 1 part club soda and 2 parts water.  That is approximately 5oz of club soda and 11 oz of water for a 16 oz drink.  Adjust this ratio to fit your carbonation preference.
  • For a more or less flavorful drink, simply use more or less water per serving.
  • The shot powder is designed to be mixed with 2 oz of water to fit in a standard shot bottle.  If you desire a more smooth flavor, it goes down even better in up to 4 oz of water (1/4 cup).