Private Label

Our private label service is an awesome way to have a ready-to-sell energy product for your gym, or any other organization!

Our product ships in aluminum pouches of 25 servings, with 1 scoop each and a desiccant pouch to extend shelf life .  The minimum order for private labeling is 100 units (2,500 servings).

Most of the information, supplement facts, and warnings on the labels are required by law, so a private label service would be a logo/design change to the front label and minor changes to the facts label if you need it.  If you require further label customization, we can work with you to meet your needs.  We have silver and black standup pouches on hand as our standard packaging.  White, blue, red, or gold could be done on orders of over 12,500 servings.

If you meet the minimum order, this custom labeling can be done at no extra cost (price remains 0.45 per serving).

The price of 0.45 per serving may also go down if you place a sufficiently large order, but because our model is wholesale pricing to the public, there is not too much wiggle room.  Getting our excellent energy drink mixes at $11.25 per pouch (25 servings) means there is tremendous room for a reseller to make a considerable markup!

To see how we can help you get up and running with your own energy drink brand, get a hold of us below.

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