Energy Drink Powder, Sugar Free


Sugar free, powdered energy drink mix.  Each serving contains one serving of our original energy powder.

  • Sugar Free
  • No Crash+
  • As little as 45 cents per serving when bought in bulk quantity
  • Increase Alertness+
  • Improve Performance+

+These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Product Description

Sugar Free, Powdered Energy Drink Mix

  • No sugar reduces the chance of a crash
  • To be mixed with 16oz of water per serving
  • 200mg of caffeine per serving
  • Wholesale pricing, just 45 cents per serving

Check out our mixing tips for this product!

Mettle Energy drinks are fast acting, deliver a reliable amount of caffeine, and are super convenient, among other benefits.  See for yourself… Top 10 Energy Drink Benefits – Caffeine Informer

Mettle Energy Drink Powder features a full stack Vitamin B Complex for alertness (B3, B6, B9, and B12).  That, plus a hearty serving of caffeine (200mg) and other performance promoting ingredients in our energy blend, like NALT, Glucuronolactone, Taurine, and Phenylalanine, will give you that boost you need.

Energy Anytime

  • Take it in the morning to start your day, as an effective replacement for coffee or other stimulants.
  • Take it in the afternoon to get past the 2PM slump and skip the expensive canned energy drinks.
  • Take it pre-workout for increased blood flow and workout performance (niacin, taurine, caffeine).  Supplement with creatine for greater effect.


Supplement Facts

Serving size: 3.2 grams
Serving per container: Based on Container Size

Amount Per Serving% Daily Value**
Vitamin B640mg2000%
Folic Acid400mcg100%
Vitamin B12600mcg10000%
Proprietary Energy Blend2100mg*
Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Malic Acid, Caffeine, L-Phenylalanine, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
* Daily Value not established.
** Based on 2,000 calorie diet

Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Less than 2% of: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Artificial Flavor, Artificial Color, Sucralose
Limit to 2 servings per day, at least 6 hours apart. Not recommended for children, those sensitive to caffeine, or if you are taking medication or have a medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.
Mettle Energy products contain caffeine comparable to a cup of premium brewed coffee. Limit caffeine products to avoid jitters, sleeplessness, nervousness, and rapid heartbeat. Mettle Energy contains niacin; some people may experience a niacin flush (hot feeling, redness of skin) that lasts for a few minutes, caused by temporary increased blood flow.

Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine.

Additional information


Tropical Cooler, Sour Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Mixed Berry Blue, Strawberry Kiwi


25, 50, 75, 100, 125

17 reviews for Energy Drink Powder, Sugar Free

  1. I love this stuff! It’s wonderful in juice or on its own. No crash. Great price. I’ve been promoting Mettle Energy to my coffee and soda drinking friends. Customer service is excellent. The promotions are good, too.

    Give it a try. You’ll be glad that you did.

  2. Perfect flavor!!
    This one was awesome the scoop size is small but it packs a lot of flavor! Now time to buy the bigger serving size!

  3. Great taste and energy
    Great taste and I save a bunch over buying Rockstar and Monster drinks at the store.

  4. Tastes good and gives me energy, but the packaging is annoying and even more annoying is the scoop which is not long enough.

  5. I was sick of searching around and hoarding cans of energy drinks when they went on sale so I wasn’t spending hundreds of dollars a year on energy drinks, so I ended up trying Mettle.

    Been using their powder for over a year now and I still love the flavors and their shelf life. So very easy to mix exactly how much you need for your needs.

    It’s easy to mix and measure with the included scoops and dissolves in water just fine even when ice cold.

  6. palatable caffeinated drink for people who hate coffee!
    Wow! Finally a sugar free, palatable caffeinated drink for people who hate coffee!! I have tried all of the sugar free energy drinks and they taste like poison. This flavor does not taste artificial and is just tart enough.

  7. I like it. It’s not as sour as I was expecting from other reviews, but maybe I don’t make it as concentrated? The energy it gives is good, sustained through the day. I have found so far I only drink this once in the morning, but there’s the option of having a second glass in the afternoon.

  8. I have for years purchased a locally made energy drink but when 2$ each or 4$ for 2 became a deal I was attracted to the ad by Mettle on FB. I made my first purchase a month ago and there has been no looking back despite my sentimental connection to the caffeine delivery system I once employed.

  9. It definitely helped thrust me through 10 hour work days that I usually would have been exhausted from. I didn’t feel jittery throughout the day and I’m so thankful for that. I wasn’t sure how my body would react to it. And I had no problem going to sleep and waking up on time the next day.

  10. To be honest, I’m completely shocked to see they are sugar-free. I must have looked over the packet for a good 5 minutes when it first arrived, to find out how much sugar was in it! These drinks are sweet and taste more like you’re favorite sweet fruity drink than a sugar-free drink! The flavors are super tasty and very easy to drink! I down mine pretty quickly without even trying, they taste so good!

  11. This powder is mixed with water (or in my case La Croix….I’m fancy) and then enjoyed when in need of a jolt. With 200 mg of caffeine, Mettle allows you to get things done without feeling the crash later.

    My favorite of the flavors is Strawberry Lemonade. I haven’t had any other form of caffeine since I started sampling it two weeks ago. It is full of vitamins, including B6 and B12, which is something most energy drinks are lacking.

  12. Can you seriously say WOW when it comes to cost?! Plus, when I first tried Mettle Energy I was pleasantly surprised at how tasted. There was no heavy, sugary flavor nor was it bitter or sour tasting. It honestly tasted smooth and fruity. I loved the boost of energy I got when I decide to mix up a drink or shot.

    I think this price is beyond cheap and reasonable compared to other energy options. This actually worked without giving me the shakes. My husband was happy using this for both work and working out and my daughter’s used it on exam days herself!

  13. I went with the drink mixes because I think it’ll encourage me to drink more liquid and the flavors I decided on were green apple, mixed berry blue, and strawberry lemonade. The three packs arrived to me in padded envelope from Mettle Energy. All three are in a shiny silver plastic bags that can be resealed. There are also directions for using, which are three scoops per 16 ounces. The scoop is included in each bag which I think is a nice addition.

    Verdict: After trying all the flavors I decided on the Strawberry Lemonade as my favorite. They all taste great and are no trouble at all to finish. As far as energy goes I’m pretty impressed. It gives a great burst of energy lasts throughout a workout.

  14. The company provides instruction for carbonating your drink with Club Soda, so you have the option of a fizzy or “flat” version based on what you’re used to. I chose to try Mettle Energy in multiple versions. I prefer it carbonated, just because it’s familiar, but it tastes just fine by any method.

    No, it’s not quite as convenient as the grab-and-go can, but for about a minute’s worth of effort, you’ll be saving a good deal of change, and you’re not compromising quality in the process. The flavors are true to their names, and the upside to mixing it yourself is that you can control the flavoring. I add a teeny extra pinch of flavoring to my mixture. Let’s just say that I use the “heaping” scoop measurement method. The flavor I liked the most from of my choices was Tropical Cooler – which surprised me, because it was the one I expected to like the least. It reminded me of Crystal Light, which I have always loved.

  15. The powder was easy to mix and did not leave any clumps like other powder drinks seem to do. It really did give me the energy it claims to. And they did not leave a chalky/nasty after taste.

    The Green apple Taste and smell like green apple. Which I loved as its my favorite flavor. An was Really good. Not to sour.

    The strawberry lemonade was swell. Even though you could taste both flavors it did taste more of strawberry then lemonade.

    All and all 5 Stars from me. As the prices rock And I hope to taste other flavors in the future 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. This product is as good as any of the big name brands at a fraction of the cost. It provides an effective energy boost without the crash. I have tried six flavors and the all taste great. The concentrated formula provides a convenient size for taking it with you in the go. The company also provides great customer service.

  17. Tried both the sugar and sugar free. Too much to mix in the sugar version. Sugar free tastes just as good if not better. Lots of energy with no crash. I have only mixed with water, still haven’t tried the club soda version. It’s nice to dictate your own serving size or portion to fit your needs. Skeptical at first but don’t be this product works great.

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